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ꦢꦪꦤꦶꦁꦧꦸꦢꦶ force of subtleness

ꦢꦪꦤꦶꦁꦧꦸꦢꦶ force of subtleness is the first large scale solo exhibition dedicated to the works of fashion designer Auguste Soesastro, undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s most important designers. The exhibition celebrates the first 15 years of his career and was curated by CultureLab's CEO Dr Sadiah Boonstra. Sponsored by Plaza Indonesia, Bank Central Asia, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, City Vision Media Partners Harper's Bazaar, Herworld, Cosmopolitan Magazine, East Indies Gin, Kurakura Beer.



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ꦢꦪꦤꦶꦁꦧꦸꦢꦶ force of subtleness

A mutimedia fashion exhibition by Auguste Soesastro

15 August – 10 September 2023 

The Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia Level 5

Photos and videos © Noone

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