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ANGGREK is a performance choreographed by Eko Supriyanto, curated and produced by Dr. Sadiah Boonstra of CultureLab Consultancy. This work is commissioned by Estonian Pavilion for their exhibition ‘'Orchidelirium: An Appetite for Abundance” at Venice Biennale 2022. This exhibition explores the role of Emilie Saal’s scientific drawing, the exploitation of orchids across the world, and how the colonial system and exoticism mindset still exists today.


23 April – 27 November 2022

Rietveld Pavilion, Giardini della Biennale

In cooperation Tallinn Art Hall and Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art

Commissioned for the Estonian pavilion at 59th international Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Photos and video from ANGGREK 2022 Curated and produced by Sadiah Boonstra for Culture Lab Consultancy © Sadiah Boonstra and Eko Supriyanto

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