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CultureLab's Founder and CEO, Dr Sadiah Boonstra, speaks about the enduring effects of colonialism, conflict, and decolonization on contemporary society in DIASPORA | Heritage in Motion on August 15, 2020. This video discusses the commemoration of rhe Netherlands to the end of WWII in the colony Netherlands East Indies in 1945. Two days later on 17 August, Indonesia celebrated 75 years of independence. The aftermath of colonialism, war and decolonization still impacts people today. What does colonial heritage mean to a younger generation with roots in Indonesia living in the Netherlands? How do they relate to (historical) objects connected to this era? 

Concept & director | Suzanne Rastovac 

Camera & Edit | Jeremy Flohr

Camera | Armando Ello, Lexy Rambadeta, Elinde Kersbergen

Light & sound | Armando Ello

Production leader | Glenda Pattipeilohy

Introduction and narration | Sadiah Boonstra

Participants | Amanda Pinatih, Raki Ap, Yopi Abraham

Contemporary dance | Cheroney Pelupessy, performed on ‘What I Will’ by poet Suheir Hammad. Tifa and drums, Yopi Abraham


DIASPORA | Heritage in Motion

Photos grabtaken from Beyond Walls' Youtube Channel (2020), DIASPORA I Heritage in Motion (ENG subtitles) 

© Beyond Walls

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