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Jalan Nusantara

Jalan Nusantara (Archipelago Street or Wandering Across the Archipelago) is a special area at UNESCO Headquarters turned into an exhibition space which displays 11 art objects donated by the Indonesian Government to UNESCO. The 11 cultural objects are a replica of an ancient human skull, a model of Borobudur, a model of Prambanan, a relief of Samudra Raksa, a painting of the death of Kumbakarna by Nyoman Mandra, a Garuda Wisnu Kencana by Nyoman Nuarta, a Borobudur silver souvenir, a statue of a flute player, and a robot angklung by Eko Mursito. In addition, there are digital maps and inventories that offer an overview of all 66 UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites in Indonesia. Jalan Nusantara or the Archipelago Street, was inaugurated at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France on 13 November 2023. The inauguration of Jalan Nusantara was attended by a number of Ambassadors and representatives of countries, the UNESCO Secretariat and several Central delegations from countries attending the 42nd UNESCO General Conference on 7-22 November 2023.

Jalan Nusantara

Open from November 13, 2023 onwards 

UNESCO Headquarters Paris, France 

Photos from the exhibition Jalan Nusantara curated by Sadiah Boonstra in collaboration with Melle van Maanen at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris. 

Photos © Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia, UNESCO

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