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About Us

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, CultureLab Consultancy is established as an answer to the growing need for a one-stop-shop of museum related and cultural services.


With our expertise, we serve museums and art institutions worldwide to develop and improve their concepts, exhibitions, and public programs.


We aim to develop museums and art institutions to be leading institutions in the field of collection-based storytelling, research, exhibition experiences, participative education and activities, and exchanging perspectives.

About Us


Through our practice, we are dedicated to supporting museums in Indonesia and beyond to become leading cultural institutions in the field of policy and collection research, exhibition experiences, participative education, and exchanging perspectives. 


  1. Providing cutting-edge forward-thinking content

  2. Contribute to the professionalisation of the museum field in Indonesia

  3. Craft meaningful audience experiences


Our services cater to the growing need of establishing/strengthening cultural institutions that are relevant to a fast-changing world.


Museum Regeneration


Exhibition Development

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Museum Professionals Training

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Participative education and ​public programs


Bespoke services that suit ​your needs and budget


The Great Indonesia

October 21, 2023 – April 1, 2024

De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jalan Nusantara

Opens from November 13, 2023 onwards

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Nusantara Unesco 4.jpg

Jalur Rempah

December 9 – 31, 2023

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia

ꦢꦪꦤꦶꦁꦧꦸꦢꦶ force of subtleness

August 15 – September 10, 2023

The Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia Level 5

Jakarta, indonesia

Cover Photo.jpg

Founder & CEO

Dr Sadiah Boonstra

Dr Sadiah Boonstra, trained as a Curator and Historian, formerly served as the Specialist for International Collaboration, Curatorial Affairs and Collection Management at the Indonesian Heritage Agency. With over two decades of experience, she has worked at institutions such as National Gallery Singapore, The British Museum (London), Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam), and the National Prison Museum (Netherlands). Demonstrating her international expertise in the cultural history, heritage, and the performing and visual arts of colonial and contemporary Indonesia Dr Boonstra is Postdoctoral Researcher at VU University (Amsterdam) and Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

In 2020, recognizing the lack of expertise in the field of museums and heritage in Indonesia, Dr Boonstra established CultureLab Consultancy or shortly CultureLab. In three years, CultureLab has rapidly grown to a team of 10 staff members, demonstrating it fills a gap in Indonesia’s cultural landscape and a keen understanding of the evolving needs of museums and their audiences.

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